7 Things That Can Miraculously Happen When You Change Your Diet For PCOS

7 Things That Can Miraculously Happen When You Change Your Diet For PCOS
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First of all this list is both the good, the bad, and the ugly. Just because you hear “Oh hey I cut out just soda and lost 40lbs!” doesn’t mean it will work for you. Total truth bomb I know… For someone who doesn’t have insulin resistance that is probably a great choice for them because they drastically cut calories that their own body is use to getting and BOOM! Sudden drop in the scale.

For us though its a complete different story. There are several things we probably shouldn’t eat on occasion, let along ever. Stuff like gluten, processed foods, dairy, etc. Seriously for us PCOSers the list goes on and on….

So this is what happened to me when I changed some stuff around and why I did it. I plan to do future post on each topic and get more in depth with them, but this is an overall ideas kind of post.

To give you a background thus far, I have given up most processed foods, dairy (minus 2 tablespoons in my morning coffee), and gluten. The gluten was easy… just avoid bread. I do not have Celiacs Disease in which you can have no gluten, so I am not worried about cross contamination. The dairy was tough. I miss my cheese. However I have been watching Vegan Youtubers to learn about what they use as alternatives (Vegan sour cream made form cashews is AMAZING though and I even made ranch dressing with it!) and they are a major help.

  1. You will lose some weight – This goes without saying. If you inhale food left and right that is mainly carbs and cheese (as I did), this major change is inevitable even if it takes a few months for your body to adjust. Speaking of adjust….

    Weight loss… a happy side effect 😀
  2. Your body may rebel a little – The number one thing I saw about giving up dairy was how amazing your skin would look. Well jokes on me, mine went in the 1000000% opposite direction. I constantly have acne around the clock even if its just one place, but I wouldn’t call myself cystic or anything like some women have with PCOS. But the first week my skin was atrocious. I had worse acne that I had had in years! Even high school… And it hurt! The apps I have to photo shop out my acne for selfies couldn’t even keep up. Ya, it was bad. Well long story short by 2 weeks give or take I finally started to shift back around. I dont even have a single pimple currently and my period SHOULD be starting in a few days.
  3. You wont be as hungry – Hunger when you arn’t hungry generally strikes because of a plummet in blood sugar. With our insulin not working properly and we have large sugar spikes from our food choices we will be starving in a few hours… Once we clean up the menu and our sugar levels become more stable, we tend to be able to hold of those tummy growling noises.
  4. You should have more energy… but not at first – Ever hear someone say they started Atkins and they feel so weak and tired that first week? It’s because they have drastically reduced the sugar intake, which is our goal as well. Once you get use to not eating all the carbs, your energy should increase 🙂
  5. You will drop water weight and hopefully not swell as bad – Once you cut back on a lot of processed foods, your sodium intake will naturally drop, and that will help prevent as much fluid retention. However if you cut ALL the processed foods out, make sure you find sources of sodium somewhere, even if its salting that steak. We all need salt to survive.
  6. Heartburn should improve – I have ad terrible heartburn and indigestion since I got pregnant with my son back in 2014 and have basically had it ever since. Prilosec and alike drugs do the job well, but arn’t a 100% fix PLUS they are bad for your heart if you take them constantly (its a new study… I’ll find a link soon), so I try to avoid them as much as I can, but still take something a few times a week. Since cutting the bad stuff out, I noticed I haven’t had heartburn since!
  7. Mood swings may mellow out – I am not an expert with this but I have heard about mood swings and PCOS and how they can be…. a little extreme. That being said I am a LOT more moody when I have eaten bread and heavy carb meals for the next few days. The past few weeks my husband has had moments where I would have killed him, and I havent… so that is saying something 😀 My husband even has noticed I think… (feel free to comment Josh and prove me right! Lol)

Hope this list makes you consider thinking that they change is worth it! Changing a lifestyle is always hard, but is almost always well worth it in the end!

Until Next Time,

Lindsay (The PCOS Mom)
*I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or health expert and this information is not intended to replace any medical advice. I am just a mom who had PCOS who has done a lot of research over the years*

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